2015 Web Design Trends

web design trends

The loudest content medium out there has finally learned how to be quiet. In 2015, web design moved away from information overload to an aesthetic revolving around empty space and simplicity. Taking a cue from magazines, web pages are using large high-definition photographs and typography to lure in readers with eye-pleasing openers before revealing further content. […]

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Transforming your company to fit with digital


The Next Web did a thought provoking article this week titled , Digital Darwinism: Transforming your business in the #selfie era. I like how it addressed the issue at hand.  Anybody working in a corporation’s digital area , like me, has to keep wondering is there a better way to bring about change.  Digital transformation […]

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Effective Web Design Skills

Original Post 01.21.2009 Effective Web Designers obviously need to have specific skills in order to excel at their profession and to have the ability to create top notch sites. So, what are the most common and beneficial skills for web design? There is a good article on Webdesignsfromstratch.com that outlines these skills. Read the full […]

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