Consumer Electronics Show has begun

The CES event started this week. Go to Cnet special coverage to get breaking news and information on the event. I’m looking forward to the skinny on the new Skiff reader. Several e-readers are expected to be showcased at this year’s CES. Hearst Corp.-backed Skiff and Sprint are hoping to attract attention with a reader […]

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Android Marketplace hits 20K apps

Android market place is growing at a rapid pace and just passed 20,000  apps at the marketplace. reports that 62% of the apps are free and the other 38% are pay for apps.  Mobile Crunch estimates that the app number for Android will hit 50,00 by second quarter.  The growth at this time is […]

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I’m a Sprint Google Hero!

Picked up my new Sprint HTC Hero Google device last week.  Its customizable interface and touchflo screen design has been awesome.  More cool free widgets than you could even think of.  Sprint has a firmwear upgrade that you should run first thing when you get the device.  It will fix some calendar day light savings […]

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