Driving better digital experiences for your customers

customer journey

In today’s hyper-connected world, customers’ loyalty increasingly depends on your ability to design and deliver easy, emotionally engaging digital experiences. Not only are more consumers online than ever before – global internet usage has jumped from 24% in 2012 to more than 50% today – but they increasingly prefer to interact with organizations through their digital channels. But […]

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TNW digital innovation conference

TNW is putting on a digital innovation conference today in New York and streamline live online.  I’ve been tuning in most of the day between work.  The schedule is located online and has been a decent lineup of tech speakers. I especially liked the keynote by Adam Leibsohn from www.giphy.com and his take and imagery and the […]

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing now

All marketing groups for companies are being ushered into leveraging digital into their mindset for all marketing activities. It is not just a new channel for marketing anymore but a new approach to marketing which offers a unique understanding of customer behavior. The industry is being fueled by the internet and insurgence of mobile (smartphones […]

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Transforming your company to fit with digital


The Next Web did a thought provoking article this week titled , Digital Darwinism: Transforming your business in the #selfie era. I like how it addressed the issue at hand.  Anybody working in a corporation’s digital area , like me, has to keep wondering is there a better way to bring about change.  Digital transformation […]

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