Navigation Trends for 2015


I’ve been researching approaches for navigation trends across online entities for web, mobile and apps. As with much of web design, it usually comes down to preference and in the case of corporate design,  there is a lot of design by committee.  However, there are some interesting approaches to simplifying navigation via the mobile navicon design […]

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Web 2.0 – Checking the feel of your UI with an Interaction Audit

Original Post 05.05.2008 Checking the “Feel” of Your UI with an Interaction Audit Josh Damon Williams (Hot Studio, Inc. ), Peter Stahl (eBay) 1:30pm – 2:20pm Friday, 04/25/2008   The best web sites feel smooth and predictable, yet powerful and deep. They achieve this by presenting a limited set of well-chosen interactions that support users […]

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