Web Development

Web Development is the structure around our business and we build unique experiences online that are completely detailed and designed to fit everything that your company needs. Don’t settle and average experience.

Cribb Design will build each Web site custom for your company. Every page structure, line of code, icon, button, navigation menu and every single detail of your website’s design is custom made to fit your company and your customers. We focus on WordPress development using templates and work diligently to find a structure that is unique, meets best practice standards and is tailored to your industry. We are fluent in all of the latest web development coding technologies. We use cutting edge Web 2.0 Internet technology that enables us to create efficient, feature rich, highly interactive websites that can “scale” to large user bases. We have the resources and talent to deliver powerful, custom Internet solutions and web applications. We can provide:

New Web Site setup

We work with trusted partners for domain management, hosting and Web Site establishment for new digital experiences.  If you are starting a new business or need a new digital presence we have the expertise to help you pick the right URL, establish the domain and build the structure to support your new Web site. Once the structure, hosting and domain are established we will work with you to pick the design, build the content and features wrapped with a simple navigation to create your new site.  Once the site is established and polished we can optimize the content for SEO and submit the site to search engines for getting you in front of customers with your new digital experience.

Web redesign

A good Web site is always evolving. New devices for consumption, new technology for internet browsing, and the benefits of content marketing on the site should be keeping your Web site changing with the times.  We offer full package redesigns if you are ready for a new responsive design, new branding and/or an overhaul to get your dated design a new life.  We will work with you to determine of pain points of you current site and build a plan for a new site that will show case you company with a new look and feel that will engage customers and drive leads for your business while updating the Web site with a fresh look and structure that will drive traffic.

WordPress development

Specialize in Web development with the world’s number one CMS platform, WordPress. We focus on providing:

  • Easy to maintain and update CMS system
  • Solid and secure Ecommerce systems with Woo Commerce
  • Mobile First responsive design approach
  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile friendly experiences online
  • Powerful framework that is flexible with thousands of function specific plugins

eCommerce experience

If you are or want to sell stuff online, we can help. We offer complete eCommerce development which involves setting up the eCommerce platform, integration with the site, connecting your financial payment platform and providing secure and complaint shopping experience for your customers.  WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that works well with our custom WordPress websites. Woo eCommerce supports manual payments (i.e. checks & money orders), PayPal Payments, Google checkout and Authorize.net. This is a excellent eCommerce system and more affordable than other a full-featured eCommerce systems. With that being said we have experience with ATG eCommerce platform and Magento as well if you are in need of a more customizable and robust shopping platform.

Systems integration

With cloud platforms and robust plug-ins, there is constant evolution of services that are offered that can be integrated with your Web site to solve problems and provide services.  We specialize in cloud platform integration for job board management, CRM integration, marketing automation integration, analytic platform integration and any type of system that you want connected to your Web Site.

Site maintenance

We offer ongoing maintenance of your new Web site if you want to take a more hands off approach.  Solutions and Service options can changes overtime as your business grows and we can definitely help with adjusting the site and your business evolves.  Content Marketing is very important part of keeping your site fresh and interesting as well as providing a platform that customers will want to keep coming back for repeat traffic.  We offer content marketing services to author Blog and Resources articles, eBooks, Case Studies, Videos, Infographics and other content pieces to help tell the story of your business and provide a platform for thought leadership on your site that will establish you as a leader in your business space and provide legitimacy to your company and a top provider of your services. Content marketing provides the ability to stay relevant to customer over a long period of time which helps to land business for customers that have longer buying patterns.  60% of a customer purchasing decision is done through research on the web before they even pick up a phone or execute a sale online. Don’t miss out on this key piece of online marketing that will help drive engagement and sales.

Training and support

We believe in empowering our clients. Sure, we can manage and implement any changes you need for your website. In a lot of situations, however, we find that business owners want to be able to upload a photo, change content, and adjust the menu without having to have us make the changes. All custom websites include complete training and support.