Web Design

Web Design is a key piece in your overall online presence.  Today’s digital world requires you to have a responsive design in place that works on all devices that your audience base will consume your information online. We emphasize to our clients that getting traffic to a website can be more valuable than the design itself.  Getting a prospective customer to visit your Web site is one thing but once a visitor reaches your site, the website must look professional, inspire confidence and be easy to navigate.

Cribb Design has a long history of providing solid designs for online Web sites that carry the same look and feel through you social presence, email, and print information. A consistent design helps solidify your company brand and bring recognition for your company.  We specialize on finding a balance between what consumers see on your site versus what a search engines need to see in order to rank your website. We analyze how users search for your products and services online, then we create web designs based on their current search trends. We provide services for:

Web design

Our most popular web development packages include a custom WordPress website based on your guidelines and specifications. We take a collaborative approach on reviewing design options and move forward with an overall design that everyone loves. This provides a stable content management system, a mobile responsive design and a framework that is easy to use and flexible enough to provide tons of options.  Typically clients will provide us with guidelines as to general layout, color schemes & design styles, and by providing us with a list of reference websites.  We will spend time with you learning about your business, products and services and layout a design and plan for content and page development.

Responsive design

With the rise of mobile tablets and phones users are consuming digital and internet information in a new way.  50% of all internet traffic has switched from tradition desktop viewing to mobile phones and tablets for media consumption.  To stay competitive in today’s market,  your digital presence needs to be mobile friendly and our responsive design approach allows your Web site to look great on all screen sizes from desktop, tablets, mobile phones and watch interfaces. Google has even moved to adjust search algorithms to favor Websites that are optimized for mobile interfaces.   We will work to rebuild your online experience to be responsive in nature and to give the best optimized experience to any user using any type of internet device.

Graphic design

Great graphic design will build trust, memorability and authority for your company. Logo design, overall Web site design, and how that carries throughout your social and print information is the key. Having great graphic design will set you apart from your competitors. These days, people have short attention spans and are much more likely to choose one company over another based on what they “feel” and what they “see.” Great graphic that you will receive from Cribb Design invokes trust, establishes authority and is an absolute must for your business. We can provide:

  • Web graphics
  • Branded imagery
  • Corporate branded PowerPoint templates
  • Mobile first design
  • Optimized graphics for all screen sizes
  • Print Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads

SEO design

Search engines, review sites and social media networks influence demand and purchase decisions for every industry. If you are planning to re-design or develop a new website, this will be one of the most important decision your company will make this year.  To achieve the highest possible search engine visibility, your website needs to be designed and developed with an SEO strategy from the beginning which involves a strategic set of solutions offered and content that describes your products and services.

Branding & Identity design

You need to allow you company to have a personality.  The first step is having a great logo and tagline for customers to see and understand. Company Identity is extremely important because you want customers to trust and remember you for went this are ready to pull the trigger to do business together. We focus on providing

  • Color Palette Branding
  • Name usage and taglines
  • Style guide creation for your digital business
  • Typography
  • Logos

Social, Email and Print design

Once we have a new responsive Web site design established we can apply the similar design structure around you social experiences, your email templates and print based materials. This consistency in your brand across all digital and physical experience help to showcase your products and services in a way that will resonate with your customers and helps with recognition and even recommendations.