Digital Markeitng

Digital Marketing is increasingly more important for your business to get noticed and is an important tool in connecting with potential clients, lead nurturing them over time, and show case your company as a thought leader in your space. The art of marketing across the earned, owned and paid ecosystem is digital marketing in today’s world and we can help drive forward your strategy and execution to connect with customers in a meaningful way.

Cribb Design will help set a strategy in place and execute on utilizing the best in class digital marketing tools to showcase your business, drive interesting content across your platforms and connect with your customers in a meaningful way. We offer services for:

Branding and Online Identity

Logo, personality, color choice, projection and consistency. We know how to brand your company using web design and using the right imagery to showcase you company and send the right message to your customers. Large successful companies like Coke, Apple, IBM and other world-class companies understand the importance of having a strong brand and identity. However big your organization is, you should focus on branding and identity also. You need to allow you company to have a personality, and we are here to help.  The first step is having a great logo and tagline for customers to see and understand. Company Identity is extremely important because you want customers to trust and remember you for went this are ready to pull the trigger to do business together. We focus on providing:

  • Color Palette Branding
  • Name usage and taglines
  • Style guide creation for your digital business
  • Typography
  • Logos

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the most important online marketing strategy for your business. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. Typically, the earlier a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. SEO may target different kinds of search, including images, videos, blogs, social media websites, review websites, local directory listings (i.e. Google Business and Google Plus pages), and industry-specific vertical portals. Collectively, these approaches – and the success and consistency of their execution – give a web site Internet visibility and presence.  SEO come in two parts, The SEO process relates to all of the components on the pages of your website (on-page SEO), including design, web page, coding, text content, images &  video, layout, coding and social media integration.  The goal is to calibrate all of the components of with the search engine and Internet visibility goals of your company’s targeted keywords. The second piece is off-page SEO, which involves the way all other sites on the Internet link back to your Web site.  We feel this is a key piece of marketing that needs focus and provides real results for our customers.

Conversion Strategy

Just having a Web site isn’t the only thing you need. Just getting visitors to your website isn’t good enough either. You need to convert your website’s customers into actual clients. We will strive to create an online experience that keeps customers coming back and eventually becoming paid customer of yours.  We focus on providing:

  • Conversion landing pages
  • Digital Marketing consulting
  • Landing pages optimization with Call to Actions
  • Integration with social media
  • UX & UI design optimization

Web content strategy & execution

The best way to show case your company and provide content that your users can relate to is storytelling. We can help you provide compelling information concerning your business in various formats such as online content, blogs, video and graphics.  In order for your customer to keep coming back to your Web site, you need to provide new, fresh and interesting content on your Website.  Most WordPress sites come with a built in Blog platform which can provide a platform for writing, sharing and telling stories about your industry expertise.  Providing valuable information is one big step in capturing attention of potential customers. Another technique that is valuable is providing resources through your Web site for eBooks, Case Studies, infographics, Videos, and thought leadership pieces concerning you industry and/or expertise.  Providing this material and drawing attention to it through banners, newsletters and social platforms help drive potential customers directly to you online presence to learn about your products and services.

Lead nurturing & lead generation

Depending on your industry and products/services offered your customer buying patterns could be lengthy and lead nurturing becomes a key piece in your marketing strategy around staying at the top of mind for these customers for when they are ready to buy/call for more information. Content marketing plays a key role in this process.  But gating some content pieces you can capture valuable CRM information of who might be interested in certain information.  These potential customers can flow into your CRM and be a lead that you can nurture over time.

Marketing automation

We have experience in integrating marketing automation platforms to take your marketing to the next level.  Marketing Automation works with content marketing and lead nurturing strategies to provide automated and targeted email campaigns for potential customer that interact with you content, web site and digital properties. Once a user downloads an eBook and there contact information of part of your CRM and marketing automation platform you can set up marketing email campaigns to automatically trigger according to that users digital footprint and interactions with your content.  Targeting customer that are consuming the right information can indicate their readiness to buy and getting you name and brand in front of them at this critical time is crucial.  We can help integrate and implement a full blow marketing automation strategy for your business.

Email strategy

Digital communication through email is still a key tactic for staying in touch with customers, driving home your company, brand and message.  We provide strategy, content calendars and system execution for Newsletters, trigger campaigns and informational events campaigns through email communications.

Digital and online advertising

Getting your company, services and products in front of potential customers is always elevated through the use of online advertising.  Generating traffic back to your Web site and delivering key messages to a wide audience base can increase your sales and brand in today’s market.  Social advertising continues to evolve as social platforms continue to open up new avenues for sponsored advertising and staying on top of new social advertising avenues will enable your company to reach customer where they are online which is increasingly through social platforms. We offer strategy and execution for online media and advertising through these popular platforms to help drive traffic and business to your company. The right placements, the right times is the key to success. Last we checked, people don’t consume media in silos, which is exactly why we don’t plan in them. If a program is to be truly successful, there needs to be a shared narrative across all media. Paid, earned, owned—if they are going to work well, they need to work together. To make this happen, we apply consumer insights with advanced audience targeting and attribution technology to ensure you reach the right people, with the right message, in the right place.

Measurement and Analytics

Find strength in numbers.  We focus on finding revenue opportunities by looking at the metrics of how you digital presence if performing.  t’s a numbers game and we measure the consumer journey end to end, capturing all of the digital media they’re exposed to and examining how each channel affects your goals. Business Intelligence is gaining valuable number by focusing on the numbers and working to ensuring new opportunities and more profitable digital experience can be harnessed. Our Analytics offerings include:

  • Business intelligence
  • Forecasting
  • Traffic and Campaign analysis
  • Multivariate testing

Mobile Marketing

To ensure your brand doesn’t miss a conversation in this increasingly connected environment, we consider the mobile mindset in everything we do. Today, more than 7.5 billion people own a cell phone and for marketers, this opens up new opportunity for a real-time connection with people wherever they are, both in the digital and physical world. Good strategy is nothing without flawless execution and whether it’s building rich, interactive experiences via mobile applications and websites or creating new ways to measure mobile advertising performance—we have the know-how to bring strategy to life. We focus on mobile strategy, mobile design, mobile reporting and mobile SEO.