Compost Connection – Website Re-design

Compost Connection – Website Re-design

2016/2017 Project – Redesign Website and eCommerce Shop for online orders

The project with Compost Connection Inc. was a site redesign project for a local Yard Waste Recycling Service that is growing in the Kansas City area. Compost Connection provides year around service for individual homes to collect yard waste services.  They also service home associations and city entities for service for their residents. I contracted with Compost Connection to redesign and rebuild their Website and establish a lucrative eCommerce Shop to allow customer to purchase services and products online.  Their website needed some optimization and content work and I rebuilt the site and content to show case the products and services and also to provide valuable schedule and pickup information for their customers.

Check it out at  Sign up for yard waste services if you are not in an area covered by your home owner association.

I am working on social content cadence and digital marketing for the group on an on-going basis. I am also handling integrated and print marketing design work for the expansion of the client base for products and services.

  • Website redesign
  • eCommerce Shop for products and services
  • SSL – secure sockets layer technology for HTTP:// security
  • Social and content marketing
  • Print and graphics for online and printed marketing
  • Content restructuring
  • Forms and contact information
  • Programs and client association details
  • Affiliate Marketing

Web Design, Web Development, eCommerce Shop, Print Marketing, Social Marketing, Content Management, Digital Ecosystem, Marketing, SSL Security, Product Marketing and SEO Optimization.

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