Inspiring Quotes To Guide Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Looking for some inspiration this week and ran across a good article on profoundry which contained a gathering of quotes that pertain to marketing , design and digital. My personal favorite is, “People ignore design that ignores people. “ 10 Top Digital Marketing Quotes 1. “Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today […]

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Inbound marketing techniques to grow your business

Are you looking for long term, sustainable techniques to grow your business? Do you want your clients to find you instead of only relying on an outbound sales strategy? When implemented correctly, an inbound marketing strategy can generate a consistent stream of qualified prospects. Some of these are standard and familiar marketing processes such as blogging […]

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2015 Web Design Trends

web design trends

The loudest content medium out there has finally learned how to be quiet. In 2015, web design moved away from information overload to an aesthetic revolving around empty space and simplicity. Taking a cue from magazines, web pages are using large high-definition photographs and typography to lure in readers with eye-pleasing openers before revealing further content. […]

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How Digital Marketing is Reshaping the Way Companies do Business

Company digital signage

Consumer Technology is moving at a blistering speed these days. The last decade has ushered in a world of social media, smart devices, mobile apps and companies have been modernizing their marketing technologies to keep pace with their customer’s behaviors. Some companies have caught up their users behaviors and are pushing digital trends across their […]

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Business Analyst resource guide

BA spotlight

At the heart of any digital position is the functional level definition of Web/Mobile/App change. The business analyst position is the lifeblood of defining this change and shaping the requirements for an organization. I have put together a online resource guide that I have used over time to stay up-to-date with the latest information and […]

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing now

All marketing groups for companies are being ushered into leveraging digital into their mindset for all marketing activities. It is not just a new channel for marketing anymore but a new approach to marketing which offers a unique understanding of customer behavior. The industry is being fueled by the internet and insurgence of mobile (smartphones […]

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Web 3.0 is responsive vs adaptive Web design

Responsive Design

It seems like the next generation of Web evolution (Web 3.0) is centered around this concept of responsive vs adaptive Web design. There is so much information around this concept of architecture and design for your Web experience across online, tablet and mobile that I am spending some more time researching the concepts.  With my […]

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Transforming your company to fit with digital


The Next Web did a thought provoking article this week titled , Digital Darwinism: Transforming your business in the #selfie era. I like how it addressed the issue at hand.  Anybody working in a corporation’s digital area , like me, has to keep wondering is there a better way to bring about change.  Digital transformation […]

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Pinterest growth and design – infographic


Pinterest is two-year-old social bookmarking site that lets users collect and share things they like on the web and its growing in popularity. The site is driving increasingly significant amounts of traffic to retailers’ websites. The service enables users to create online bulletin boards, or “pinboards,” for popular categories such as home decor, food and […]

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Web 2.0 expo recap

A couple of key messages that I took away from the Web 2.0 expo this year. Web 2.0 expo finished up a couple of weeks ago and was working on catching up on videos and presentations of this years event. Key Links David Messenger Online Mobile Guy for American Express at the web 2.0 […]

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web 3.0 – means what?

I’ve been hearing alot of buzz lately concerning web 3.0. Just what is this web 3.0? Well the answer is not simple. As we conceptualized web 2.0 for the last several years, we are still formulating the overall definition of what defines web 2.0. The same will happen for web 3.0. What we do know […]

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Social Media Blogs

The evolution of social media continues to warp / change and adapts to meet consumer needs. There are several good blogs that are following this ride in great detail. Originally posted via CIO Web 2.0 advisor series this article gives a good overview and links to some key blogs. […]

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Main ways companies are using Twitter

Gartner released a report last year that highlights the different ways that companies are adopting Twitter for business use. Although Twitter was originally intended for communication among individuals, a number of organizations have begun to actively participate on the platform. However, not all companies are using Twitter in the same way. Some are tweeting, some […]

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