Web 3.0 is responsive vs adaptive Web design

Responsive Design

It seems like the next generation of Web evolution (Web 3.0) is centered around this concept of responsive vs adaptive Web design. There is so much information around this concept of architecture and design for your Web experience across online, tablet and mobile that I am spending some more time researching the concepts.  With my […]

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CES best gadgets and concepts


Gadgets, glittering as far as the eye can see in crowded halls and hotel suites throughout Sin City. Wearable gadgets. Computing gadgets. Gadgets for your feet, for your pets, for your ears, for your kitchen, for your car, even gadgets for your windows. PC world did a recap of the coolest tech for 2015 that was on display at […]

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2015 is the year to get your HDTV

I’ve been following the CES buzz pretty close this year and like many consumers, I’m pretty interested in getting a new Big TV for the cribb and upgrading to a HDTV.  If you care about image quality or future-proofing your big-screen purchase, this is the year to buy a 4K TV. These TVs, also known […]

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Transforming your company to fit with digital


The Next Web did a thought provoking article this week titled , Digital Darwinism: Transforming your business in the #selfie era. I like how it addressed the issue at hand.  Anybody working in a corporation’s digital area , like me, has to keep wondering is there a better way to bring about change.  Digital transformation […]

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The mac turns 30!


In addition to everything else, the first Macintosh was funny. On January 24th, 1984, 30 years ago today, Steve Jobs first revealed the computer he’d been talking about so much onstage at the Flint Center at DeAnza College in Cupertino, and he let it speak for itself. 27-year-old Jobs was all but unrecognizable from the […]

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