Digital Marketing

Digital marketing now

All marketing groups for companies are being ushered into leveraging digital into their mindset for all marketing activities. It is not just a new channel for marketing anymore but a new approach to marketing which offers a unique understanding of customer behavior. The industry is being fueled by the internet and insurgence of mobile (smartphones […]

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Shopper 2.0


You see it as you go down the aisles of Walmart, Costco or any department store or supermarket: Customers with one hand on their cart and the other on their smartphone, price-comparison shopping and looking for deals. Such customers spend an average of 16.9 hours a week on their phones, a new study shows. CheckPoints, […]

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Google+ is finally here!

Google +

Google+ is finally live and working well. Google+ has been dubbed Google’s last chance to break into the social media scene. While early attempts Buzz / Wave / etc did not lead to success for Google , this new roll out has seemed to hit the mark. I’ve been using it and it seems to […]

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