CES best gadgets and concepts


Gadgets, glittering as far as the eye can see in crowded halls and hotel suites throughout Sin City. Wearable gadgets. Computing gadgets. Gadgets for your feet, for your pets, for your ears, for your kitchen, for your car, even gadgets for your windows. PC world did a recap of the coolest tech for 2015 that was on display at […]

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the rise of the tablet

Industry analysts are are predicting the tablet to be the new must have gadget well into the next decade. 2010 was the introduction of the ipad and Galaxy S tab as well as a big rise in kindle, nook and a plethora of new tablet devices. In a couple of years this market will be […]

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new amazon kindle review

The new amazon kindle is out now and engadget has done a good review of the new device. I personally have one being delivered any day now as its been on back order. Can’t wait.See the full review.

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Is the new Apple tablet called iSlate?

There has been so much buzz around tablet computers lately. CES show is in Vegas this week breaking out new tablets, ereaders, phones, and netbooks. But, everyone is holding on to see what Apple has in store for its iSlate tablet. ISlate name is not confirmed yet and information from vendors is still pouring in […]

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Consumer Electronics Show has begun

The CES event started this week. Go to Cnet special coverage to get breaking news and information on the event. I’m looking forward to the skinny on the new Skiff reader. Several e-readers are expected to be showcased at this year’s CES. Hearst Corp.-backed Skiff and Sprint are hoping to attract attention with a reader […]

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