New Site Launch – Sorelle Interior Style

Sorelle Home

Design and Development of a new Website for a local Small Business.  Two awesome innovative ladies started a new business this summer doing interior design for homes and retail organizations.  The team called Cribb Design to get their new Website designed and build to promote their new business.  This project was to build out a […]

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2015 Web Design Trends

web design trends

The loudest content medium out there has finally learned how to be quiet. In 2015, web design moved away from information overload to an aesthetic revolving around empty space and simplicity. Taking a cue from magazines, web pages are using large high-definition photographs and typography to lure in readers with eye-pleasing openers before revealing further content. […]

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Navigation Trends for 2015


I’ve been researching approaches for navigation trends across online entities for web, mobile and apps. As with much of web design, it usually comes down to preference and in the case of corporate design,  there is a lot of design by committee.  However, there are some interesting approaches to simplifying navigation via the mobile navicon design […]

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I keep hearing this buzz word in relation to giving out awards on the web for participation like farmville or badges on foursquare etc. But what is it really and does it hold any merit in my Web world. To me, it goes way beyond just awards but the concept of gamification to me really […]

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2010 Best UI Design

UI design is getting alot of focus these days.  With the popularity of mobile smartphones, tablets, internet TV, and other gadgets, people are demanding better interfaces.  There is some good work going on around the world in this department.  <a href=”Fast” _mce_href=””>Fast”>”>Fast company posted their take on 12 of the best UI designs in 2010</a>.

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Frog does Icons

Frog Design is traditionally a product design company…not a graphic design specialist…or are they?  Microsoft recently brought them on board to design and create the new icons for office 2011 for the Mac.  After several different design concepts they settled on a ribbon concept as the new style.  Read the full article as reported by […]

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