TNW digital innovation conference

TNW is putting on a digital innovation conference today in New York and streamline live online.  I’ve been tuning in most of the day between work.  The schedule is located online and has been a decent lineup of tech speakers.

I especially liked the keynote by Adam Leibsohn from and his take and imagery and the power to express. They are doing some cool stuff with Slack commands to create gif’s when communicating through slack (/giphy#weather, /giphy#echo, /giphy#mashup, /giphy#enhance.)

John Lunn from paypal had some interesting takes on the Internet of Things and where things might be heading with product, purchasing and everything in between.

GrowthMachines founder Samir Patel interviews Matt Epstein (VP Marketing Zenefits), David Glickman (CEO Ultra Mobile) & Jessica Scorpio (Co-founder & VP Marketing Getaround) hosted a panel to uncover the secrets and efforts behind some of the world’s fast growing companies. Idea is that growth opportunities come in all flavors and you should look at your gut but always back up your ideas using data.

Des Traynor  provided relevant insights on product strategy. He shared his philosophy and experience from co-founding Intercom and Exceptional  and from his time consulting with 100s of start-ups. He provided takeaways for growing companies of all sizes- from brand new start-ups to established businesses- on how to analyze their products, interpret customer feedback, and plan their product road map. Des said, Don’t copy other software that other companies offer. Look at users and find products and apps that solve problems for them. Focus in what people are using the app for not what the category is. The customer rarely buys what the company thinks they are selling.  See how a product if being used and then you can innovate from there. When building road maps, true goals need to be on there. Look at the road map in different categories; product iterations, new ideas, customer problems, improve problems, features to help scale. Every feature should have its own road map.

Jason Fried, the founder of Basecamp (37Signals) and author of the book Rework, talked about the future of working,  productivity,

Check out these sites for companies that talked today on strategy and insights:


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