The truth about customer experience

Customer Journey

I’ve been thinking a lot about digital experiences and customer journeys lately and ran across an ebook from Harvard Business Review that did a nice job of spelling out the some of the problems with corporations and the focus on customer experiences across digital, retail, face to face and ongoing.  Definitely worth a read for anyone creating and/or managing development for online customer experiences.



Many companies excel in individual interactions with customers, but they fail to pay adequate attention to the customer’s complete experience on the way to purchase and after.


Companies that perfect customer journeys reap enormous rewards, including enhanced customer and employee satisfaction, reduced churn, increased revenues, lowered costs, and improved collaboration across the organization.


Companies need to embed customer journeys into their operating models in four ways: They must identify the journeys in which they need to excel, understand how they are currently performing in each, build cross-functional processes to redesign and support those journeys, and institute cultural change and continuous improvement to sustain the initiatives at scale.

Companies need to combine top-down, judgment –driven evaluations and bottom-up, data driven analysis to identify key journeys, and then engage the entire organization in redesigning the customer experience. This requires shifting from siloed to cross-functional approaches and changing from a touch point to a journey orientation.

Download the ebook from September 2013 Harvard Business Review in a piece written by Alex Rawson, Ewan Duncan, and Conor Jones.

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