Navigation Trends for 2015


I’ve been researching approaches for navigation trends across online entities for web, mobile and apps. As with much of web design, it usually comes down to preference and in the case of corporate design,  there is a lot of design by committee.  However, there are some interesting approaches to simplifying navigation via the mobile navicon design but the reality is that  the wired web still provides an avenue for larger menu structures and targeted navigation. A combination of navigational structures is starting to emerge across different media types.  Patrick McNeil blogger for writes a good article recently on navigation trends and explores some of the new trends we are seeing today.   I agree with his summation in the article 100% percent, “For me the challenge is clear. That we should elevate our thinking of navigation and really embrace the influence it has on the experience of using the web sites we create. All too often I find that navigation is a bit of an afterthought. When in fact, it should be among the most critically considered and refined elements in the design.” 

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