CES best gadgets and concepts


Gadgets, glittering as far as the eye can see in crowded halls and hotel suites throughout Sin City. Wearable gadgets. Computing gadgets. Gadgets for your feet, for your pets, for your ears, for your kitchen, for your car, even gadgets for your windows. PC world did a recap of the coolest tech for 2015 that was on display at this year’s CES show.

fuhu 65 inch tab

Personally, I’m most excited about the Fuhu 65 inch tablet which brings back memories of the pac-man cocktail table that I used to love to sit down and play at the local pizza hut;  but the applications to retail stores, waiting rooms, and man caves around the world are endless.  I am also intrigued by the connected home applications but I feel like there is a lot more to come in this category as it matures.  The Sling TV concept is wide open and will quickly become the consumer favorite as people all across the US would love to get quality television programming for the stuff they love at a cheaper price.


PCworld Staff and Tech Hive Staff (via CIO article) wrote an article on Best of CES: Gadgets and Gear >>


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