2015 is the year to get your HDTV

I’ve been following the CES buzz pretty close this year and like many consumers, I’m pretty interested in getting a new Big TV for the cribb and upgrading to a HDTV.  If you care about image quality or future-proofing your big-screen purchase, this is the year to buy a 4K TV.

These TVs, also known as Ultra HD, pack in 3840 x 2160 pixels. Not everyone appreciates the detail that resolution can bring—some early critics thought it might just be a fad like 3-D (FYI 3DTV’s are virtually nonexistent this year at CES.) But film and TV buffs love 4K because you can see every blade of grass in landscapes, and bead of sweat on actors.  Once reserved for their spare-no-expense sets, TV makers are putting 4K into TVs throughout their lineups this year and prices are coming down.


WSJ put together a good article on the ins and outs of TVs for 2015 >>


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