Twitter launches Vine …their six second video app

Twitter has officially launched its Vine video sharing app in the IOS App Store this week. The media is buzzing about it being the instagram of video and the battle between facebook (who owns instagram) and twitter (who owns vine) rages on. Right off the bat, I love the idea and think that it’s a missing component of social media these days. However, I will reserve judgment until I start playing with the app and integrating it into my social sharing routine. From the first vine video that I’ve seen it look like old school gif’s patched together. I was kind of hoping for a smoother video feel and possible video filters to apply to short video clips. But hey , I will give it a try… or will I?

A quick search on my ipad for the app brings up nothing and a google search contains tons of tech blog articles but no site shows up. After some digging I found the online experience at or which points you to the apple itunes store. So where is the online interface? They probably don’t have that built out yet which is ok, it took instagram years to get its online interface built out correctly. So, right out of the shoot its hard to find? What? Maybe its not hard to find but you’ll need to dig around and look into the iphone apps instead of the ipad apps. Which makes sense for a mobile video sharing app; unless you are an Android phone and an ipad tablet user, like me. You need to search through the dozens of other apps named vine which seems like they did not spend much time working through the website and app name process to find something remarkably unique. But what ever. It will probably be cool and will provide a much needed sharing source other than filtered photos.

After download comments:
I took my first vine video and stuck it out on twitter. Everyone is in bed so I went an woke up the dog and shot him with my ipad. Which is always akward holding an ipad and doing video or pictures. Even in front of a dog. So, start working on getting the Android app together por favor. It seems kind a quirky but also fun and easy to use. The feel is obviously rich media like and the app has easy to use controls to splice together a quick video. The controls are super easy to use and the ability to hit different angles and let the app pull them all together makes for a artsy feel to the finshed clip.

Twitters new video sharing app

Twitters new video sharing app


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